A 52 Week Photography Challenge SMART Goal

On January 2, 2016 my BFF sent me an iMessage text with a link and an invitation. Her excitement and California speak rendered it like this, “DUDE! We need to do this! You in?” After doing due diligence by checking the link, it took all of 2 seconds to hop on the Enthusiasm Train, “Looks like fun! Let’s do it! When are we starting? And which day do we post?” 

“I started today. So let’s say my Friday/your Saturday.”

And that was that. In less than five minutes, with zero agonizing or forethought on my part, I managed to set one of my first official SMART goals for 2016.

SMART Goals infographic from Bucketlist.org
SMART Goals infographic from BucketList.org

After several years going through what felt like wading through waist deep sludge, I’m so glad that I’m starting to get my grove back and am happily rediscovering my mojo. As such, setting myself a few SMART goals is my top 2016 resolution. As for the this photo challenge my BFF invited me to join? I’m taking it a step further and inviting everyone.That includes you.

The general overview of Dogwood Photography’s brilliant 52 Week Photography Challenge is below:

Shoot and post a photo a week for the next 52 week time period. Not just any old photo mind you, but a photo that stretches and hones ones image creating finesse. Quite unlike many challenges which encompass a list of photo projects or ideas, this 52 week photography challenge was designed with forethought and deliberation. Dogwood Photography’s objective here is to help people ‘level up’ (as the Japanese affectionately say when referencing the act of taking skills, talent and know-how up a notch.) For example, the week 1 challenge is to take a self-portrait. But, not just any self-portrait— the assignment is to play around with the self-timer function on your camera to obtain said portrait.

Without further adieu, as presented by North Carolina based Dogwood Photography, click the link to learn more about and begin the 52 Week Photography Challenge for yourself. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

To follow my progress in this image making adventure, follow me on my Instagram account at gracey4journey or on my shiny new 500px account that I opened just for this project.

Good luck with your SMART goals for this year and let me know if you decide to do the challenge for yourself. I’d love to see your work as well.

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