About Me

Jennifer Gracey | Photo: Sang Valte, 2015
Jennifer Gracey | Photo: Sang Valte, 2015
The Blog

“Gracey for journey.”
A friend first spoke that over me as we stood in the middle of holy chaos at IHOP-KC back in 2010. The awakening was going strong and I was smack in the center of a particularly challenging sequence of transitions. I was desperate. I needed to hear from God that day. I needed something to cling to as a real-time reminder that He was with me in the midst of my personal mayhem— that He was still there and that I was exactly were I was supposed to be in spite of the fact that nothing made sense.

My friend went on to say, “I keep hearing ‘Gracey for journey’. God wants you to know there’s grace for the journey— there will always be grace for the journey.” In my desperation to hear God, He threw me a bone- the same bone I’d tossed out for years. Countless times I’ve retorted, “God gave me the name ‘Gracey’ because He knew I’d need it. He went so far as to weave the word grace into my name so I wouldn’t forget I have it.”

When the “Gracey for journey” word tumbled out, I knew heaven was swooping in with a poignant reminder that He’s there with His incomprehensible grace at every point along the trail without reservation or restriction. Naming my blog ‘Gracey4Journey’ was a no brainer however, deciding what kind of blog it was supposed to be took considerably longer.

A travel blog focusing on the greater process of traveling through life was the only umbrella broad enough. The individual posts are mere trip highlights, landmarks and tourist attractions. After all, it doesn’t matter where we go or what we get up to. At the end of the day, we are all passing through on our way elsewhere.

The Girl

Born and raised in Alaska, USA and living in Tokyo, Japan since 1999, Jennifer wears many hats and switches between them faster most girls change shoes. She’s founder and director of an NPO, The Altar IHOP, Tokyo. She’s the creator of my3elevenstory project. She’s an award winning film producer. She’s a designer, photographer, writer and ardent storyteller. She’s a serial pioneer and loves the excitement of creating things from nothing. A visionary, and imaginer of possibilities, she’s happiest with her head in the clouds— the view’s better from up there.

She’s also an international humanitarian aid worker. An administrator, a consultant, an organizer and dispeller of chaos. She’s a teacher, a mentor, a coach, and a life-long learner. She’ll definitely tell you that she’s a nerd, a geek, an introvert, and an incurable bookworm. One day, she hopes to own a house large enough where one room can be transformed into an old school library complete with an oversized fireplace.

Every one of Jennifer’s hats equips her for the grandest role of all— traveler through life. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.