Fresh Squeezed Honey Ginger Lemonade

It must be summer! There’s no other decent explanation for this crazy craving I’ve had all week for lemonade. After scrounging around the kitchen for inspiration, fresh squeezed honey ginger lemonade is what I came up with. This version is relatively mellow with a good balance of tart and sweet. I liked it. The mister said it smelled weird. I think he smelled the honey but, who knows. Everything smells weird lately according to him so, I don’t put much stock in it.

In Japan, jugs that actually fit in our refrigerators top off at around 2 liters / half a gallon in size. The one I used was about a liter (1 US quart) and was perfect for the two of us to share at dinner. You’ll want to scale up on everything according to the size of your jug. Check the handy conversion chart for reference. Let me know if you try it and what you think in the comments section at the bottom!

Metric             Imperial
1 Liter 1.05 Quarts
2 Liters 2.11 Quarts
3 Liters 3.17 Quarts
4 Liters 4.22 Quarts/ approximately 1 Gallon


  • 1/4 cup (give or take) of hot water
  • 2 tablespoons (give or take) of honey
  • 1 lemon per liter of water (give or take, add more if you need extra pucker power) cut in half
  • a thin slice (or few) fresh ginger
  • 1 cup (give or take) of ice
  • 1 liter/quart (give or take) ice water


  1. Mix the hot water and honey together until you have what amounts to “honey water.”
  2. Pour into your jug and give a swirl or two for good measure.
  3. Roll your lemon on a hard surface to loosen up the juices. Cut in half.
  4. Grab a hand held citrus fruit juicer and juice your lemon halves into your jug. If your kitchen gadget collection is mysteriously sans juicer (like mine) here’s an gadget free work around: hold one hand palm up over the mouth of your jug. Make sure your fingers are loosely held together so there’s space for the juice to pass through. Squeeze the lemon half using your free hand into your open palm. Repeat with the other half of your lemon. Your fingers act as a natural strainer for the seeds. Not a bad method when minimizing dirty dishes is goal. Rather not get your manicure lemony fresh? A ladle type strainer held over the top of the jug also works great- especially if you want to keep the pulp to a minimum.
  5. Give your lemon juice/honey water concentrate mixture another good swirl.
  6. Drop in your ginger slices.
  7. Pour in some ice.
  8. Pour in your ice water.
  9. Use a spoon or swizzle stick to give it all a one more good mix up.
  10. Let set for a few minutes so all the flavors can have a chance to blend.
  11. Serve.


Variations I plan on testing in the near future:

  • Replacing the ginger slices with fresh mint leaves.
  • Replacing the ginger slices with fresh strawberries.
  • Swapping out the honey for maple syrup.
  • Using an orange in addition to the lemon.
  • Using a lime in addition to the lemon.
  • Using a lime instead of the lemon.
  • Mixing half and half with ice cold ginger-ale for some “bubbly.”


  • Honey could easily be replaced with agave, gum syrup (if you’re in Japan) or any other sweetener you regularly use. Regular old sugar should also work fine- it will just take longer to dissolve.

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