Launched in 2014, Gracey4Journey is a travel blog in the broadest sense. Focusing on the overarching journey through life, Gracey4Journey is akin to an organic, meandering stream that’s twisting here and there through uncharted wilderness. It’s also a tongue in cheek reference to Jennifer’s surname that’s been blended with the longer, albeit cliche´ expression, “There is grace for the journey.” With nearly two decades living in Japan, numerous trips galavanting across Asia and thousands of miles away from her Alaska home, extra grace in the back pocket never fails to come in handy. Generally speaking, extra grace is oft needed to survive the typical Monday, let alone a lifetime full of them.

At the Gracey4Journey blog, you’ll find a collection of topics that when woven together form the milepost markers, landmarks and tourist attractions of this Alaska Grown girl’s lifelong expedition. Mostly though, you’ll find her doing what she’s done best her whole life: stopping to linger a few minutes extra so she can get a good look at the posies along the trailside. Gracey4Journey is truly all about soldiering onward in relentless pursuit of grand vistas and breathtaking views while appreciating the ones- in all their variety- directly in front of us.

Some regularly appearing themes in the Gracey4Journey blog are:

  • Alaska and places she travels
  • All things revolving around “a day in the life” in Tokyo, Japan— the planet’s largest metropolis
  • International humanitarian aid work, crisis response and disaster relief
  • Project and organizational management
  • Teaching, coaching and mentoring
  • Product and app reviews that make life better
  • Languages and life-long learning
  • The creative arts: design, media (photography, music and film)
  • Prayer, worship and missions
  • Life-lessons, paradigm shifters and game changers
  • Cooking in a Tokyo, closet sized apartment
  • DIY projects and inspiration
  • Snippets about life as an expat in Japan and Asia