This project “baby” is something I actually completed a year ago. It’s taken this long to muster the gumption to make it public and there’s no real reason for it. I suppose, sometimes, it’s more about timing and intuition than anything else. It feels “right” to share now whereas a year ago, it didn’t. That, and some things simply require a longer incubation period than others….

I’m super excited about this project. I hope it takes off and goes somewhere. The potential for something wonderful to happen is high.

What is it? 

It’s a social collaboration with people from all over the world sharing their “day in the life” experiences  after the Japan earthquake, tsunami, nuclear trifecta on March 11, 2011. It’s an examination into what happens to us personally as we learn about and collectively experience global tragedy. It’s a platform for normal people to share the events of their day- their stories and their memories from one of the planet’s most horrible tragedies in modern history. And it’s an opportunity to participate personally, in a unique way, with helping fellow human beings who experience such disasters first hand.

How to find out more?
The best way to learn more is by going to the website where all the information is explained in a clear, easy to follow fashion.

How to get involved?
After checking out the website, submit your story and then share, share, share with friends, family and social media networks. Help get the word out.! This is a social project, it can’t truly blossom without an army of advocates on board, excited and sharing the news.

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