One Pan Balsamic Chicken and Quinoa

As I’m all about one pan or one pot meals, I couldn’t ignore the “One Pan Balsamic Chicken” meal when it popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. Far better than I expected, it was delicious. It even earned the “husband approved” stamp of acceptance. A total win-win considering most times I prepare balsamic vinegar dishes, he puckers up and states the obvious with a matter of fact, “It’s sour.”

(As a girl who loves salt and vinegar potato chips, dill pickles and balsamic vinegar anything— it’s a given I end up with the one guy who doesn’t share the fondness. I give myself extra pats on the back when I find balsamic vinegar recipes that he actually likes.)

I had to make some modifications based on available ingredients:

  • my white button mushrooms were frozen
  • so were the green beans (the bag was also 1/2 empty)
  • and only one packet of 3 tiny chicken breasts was thawed- the rest were in the freezer

(Yay me for keeping with Alaskan style cooking in Tokyo! Not gonna eat something today? Can’t be bothered to go to the supermarket on a daily basis? No problem! Just freeze ALL the foods. Then, you’ll be ready for any impending disaster except of course, the one where you need to prepare something right now.)

I followed the video for the mushrooms (howaito-masshurūmu) and green beans/french style string beans (sayaingen). I also cooked the chicken as instructed then, cut it into chunks because there wasn’t quite enough to create an entire meal. For the Italian dressing, I used this one which I picked up at my local Tokyu supermarket. It’s easy enough to find at Kaldi and other international markets)

To add extra fiber and increase the overall volume of food, I also made a pot of quinoa (which I order here off Amazon Japan.) Unsure how serving the balsamic chicken mix in a Japanese  “donburi”* style meal over top of quinoa would turn out combination wise, the mister and I were equally impressed. This dish would work well with rice or even couscous.  I also think genmai (brown rice) would be fantastic.

We used the remaining sauce as a mildly tangy gravy and poured it over our balsamic chicken mix and quinoa bowls. The quinoa soaked up the extra sauce and the result was a healthy meal in a bowl with massive flavor— perfect for eating on the sofa while watching a movie.

*Donburi is a meal served in a single bowl with rice on the bottom and a variety of meats (fish, chicken, beef, pork) and other seasoned toppings (vegetables, egg, sauces, etc.) Donburi or “rice bowl” is a hearty, filling and quick meal. I’d say the closest western [read: American] equivalent would be a steaming pot of chili.

Original link with list of ingredients on Tip Hero here.

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