Song of the Season: King of My Heart

Song of the Season

You are good, good oh
You are good, good oh
You’re never gonna let
never gonna let me down…
You are good, good oh…

The YWAM Tokyo Livingroom weekly Tuesday evening prayer and worship session is the first place I heard that chorus. That was back in March on one of the two Tuesdays I made the meeting that month.

Over the years, I’ve learned the Lord gives me songs as prophetic statements for specific seasons. Some of those ‘song seasons’ last years, some only a few months. I’d recently been asking Him what the song was because nothing I listened to resonated and I was getting restless. The second I heard that chorus roll out, I knew ’this’ was the song I’d been waiting for.

A Psalm of David

“I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27.13 NKJV)

The NIV version phrases it this way, “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” The NLB version expresses the passage differently, “I am expecting the Lord to rescue me again, so that once again I will see his goodness to me here in the land of the living.”

The way I often quote Psalm 27.13 to encourage myself in dark times is a combination of multiple translations mixed with my own paraphrasing, “I would have lost all hope if I did not believe I would see the goodness of God revealed to ME in the land of the living.” As I listened to the chorus of that unnamed song repeat, the weightiness of David’s psalm dropped the eighteen inches from my head to my heart.

David was a man who had seen exceedingly dark times. Times when his entire world crumbled around him. Times when his life and the lives of those he loved were in precarious positions. Times when he was cut to the heart– betrayed by those closest to him. Times when his colossal mistakes led to colossal consequences. David, was a man who knew what the dark night of the soul looked and felt like and the words he penned illustrated that perfectly.

“I would have lost all hope….

As darkness threatened to engulf him, David stood firm in his faith. Firm in his knowingness of God’s character and capacity to save ‘whether by many or by few.’ (1 Samuel 14.6, NIV) And especially when that meant saving David from himself.

“… if I did not believe…”

David had a history with God. A track record long established between himself and the Lord. A timeline demonstrating how God showed up when He was most needed to save and redeem and restore the ones He loved. David knew God and therefore knew enough to believe God was who He said He was.

“I would see…”

David chose to believe that he would, in one way or another, make it through to the other side of his troubles and see God break in with his own eyes. He knew he would see God show up because he had already seen God show up myriad times. David knew God’s character was to show up and not only that, but David knew God showing up by default meant that God was demonstrating His goodness in spite of his and humanities failings.

“… the GOODNESS of God…”

David also knew, seeing and experiencing God as the One who Saves, Delivers, Rescues, Redeems, Restores, Heals wasn’t reserved for ‘the other side.’ He knew God desired to make Himself known in the temporal realm of men to men.

“… in the land of the living.”

Declaring Jesus

Starting in 2012, the Lord’s taken me on a journey of discovering the raw power of simply declaring Jesus into and over situations. Confessing with one’s mouth, agreeing with heaven and declaring into the atmosphere the qualities, character and attributes of God is powerful beyond measure and I realize this more each day.

Standing to worship with the rest of the YWAM Livingroom tribe, I was in awe of God all over again. With raised hands I declared over and over, “You are GOOD. You are a GOOD God. You are GOOD to Japan, Jesus. You ARE good to Tokyo. YOU have not, at any time, EVER stopped being GOOD to Japan or her people. You are GOOD to ASIA. You are GOOD to Your PEOPLE. You are GOOD to ME. You are GOOD. Your faithfulness is unfailing. Your loving kindness is made NEW every morning and You ARE GOOD to ALL that you’ve created and made with Your own hands. To the high and lofty, to the weak and lowly— You. Are. Good.”

Underground, 30,000 Feet, PI-HOP and AzusaNOW

From the moment I downloaded “King of My Heart” off iTunes, I’ve listened to it non-stop. My two hour ‘Harp & Bowl’ mobile play list reduced has been reduced to a single song on continuous repeat.

On assignment for a freelance writing job that took me to 50+ destinations around Tokyo, much of my travel time was spent in subway trains 2-5 floors underground or walking city streets. Everywhere I went, red-light districts and all, declarations of His goodness permeated the atmosphere even to the point those words rose from up out of the ground in one of the Japan’s deepest subway lines.

On March 31st, I left Tokyo for about two weeks to attend AzusaNOW, the 110th anniversary celebration of the Azusa St. Revival that broke out on April 9, 1906. The entire flight there and back, at 30,000 feet, my iPod played that one song. In LA, I was on the road for many meetings. From LAX to Santa Monica to Pasadena, Mission Viejo, Orange County and back, my iPod blared:

You are good, good oh
You are good, good oh
You’re never gonna let
never gonna let me down…
You are good, good oh…

On Saturday, April 2nd I signed up for PiHOP’s prophecy rooms. Before they take you in for your prophetic ministry time, they schedule time for everyone to enjoy the prayer room. At one point, the worship team broke into the chorus and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. Overcome with prophetic purpose, I walked over to the giant map of Asia hanging near the stage and stood in front of it. Lifting up my hands, I spoke out, “Asia, let it be heard— let it resonate in the earth and above the earth and below it— let every creature in this realm and the next hear and know and understand, ‘GOD, the Lord God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and ALL that is within them, is GOOD to Asia. He has not abandoned you or forgotten you. He loves you and even now is working on your behalf. That ALL of ASIA would KNOW Him and call Him by Name. Jesus, I declare it. I agree with heaven. I agree with You— I say, You ARE GOOD to Japan. You ARE Good to Asia. You have NOT abandoned them and left them to their own devices or to languish in the enemies grip. You have not, will not and cannot fail them. You ARE Who You Say You Are and You are good to Asia, the islands of the sea and the ends of the earth…. Do what You LOVE to do, God. Unleash heaven over Asia, Father. Holy Spirit, come! Hover over Asia as you hovered over the earth in the begining. The Word says, ‘…on earth as it is in heaven…’ so heaven come, invade Asia with Your Holy Goodness— that the knowledge of the Lord cover Asia as the waters cover over the seas…’”

“King of My Heart” was sung by one of the Bethel tribes in the early evening at AzusaNOW. It was utterly incredible to see the GOODNESS of God declared by a stadium full of people in the heart of Los Angeles. It was made even more so knowing millions were joining in via GodTV, live-streams, archives and YouTube clips. In a moment, the goodness of God was declared around the earth by His people and it permeated every nation and every part of the atmosphere. Not only that but the collective declaration of God’s sovereign goodness will echo for eternity.

When the Earth Shakes

“We’ve tasted and seen…..
You are good, good oh”

Less than 48 hours after I arrived home from LA and AzusaNOW on April 14-16, there were three significant earthquakes in Japan’s southern island of Kyushu in addition to several others in Asia and around the Pacific Ocean region. Not an area normally known for big quakes, this caught everyone off guard particularly since we’ve been anticipating the next ‘big one’ coming to Tokyo. Five years and about a month after northern Japan’s devastating 9.0 quake/tsunami/nuclear melt down in Tohoku area the Kumamoto quakes triggered strong emotions and memories across the whole of Japan.

On April 23rd, myself and Rachel headed to Kumamoto as an advance team— so we could work out what (if any) long term response was going to look like from The Altar IHOP, Tokyo. On the flight down, the Lord kept speaking to me about how, even in the midst of this generations present ‘great shakings,’ His goodness remains unchanged and unfailing. He reminded me again of David’s heartfelt words. That even when very great and terrible things occur to us and to those nearby, He moves heaven and earth to make a way for His unfailing love, mercy and goodness to be made known in the realms of men. And how I, like David, have come through the long dark tunnel but made it out to the other side. I, like David (and countless others) have tasted and seen that He is good and oh so true to His Word.

Before we left Kumamoto and flew home to Tokyo, we felt it vital to pray and declare Jesus over the land. The crescendo of our ‘mini-mobile HOP’ prayer sessions was our last day. After cleaning up our sleeping space at the Minami Aso Evacuation Center and packing up all our gear, we took a walk. About ten minutes out, we came to an intersection across from a Family Mart convenience store with a beautiful pink flowering bush. We felt, “this was the place” and stopped to pray. After blessing the land, the people and calling forth the fires of revival, that they would burn again in Kyushu- the region where Western Christianity first made its way into Japan back in the 1500s- we each felt led to play and sing along to a worship song.

As I played, “King of My Heart” by John Mark McMillan and Rachel played “Let it Happen” by United Pursuit we sang along with the music at the top of our voices. We also danced before the Lord like fools on the sidewalk next to a busy intersection. The chorus for “Let it Happen” is:

Be alive…
Come alive…
To come alive…

You’re full of life now
And full of passion
It’s how He made you
Just let it happen

How true those words are! Receiving a revelation of His infallible, unbound, unlimited GOODNESS and deep love for us is the very thing that makes us (and everything else) come alive.

Isn’t that the perfect way to close out a heavenly assignment? And isn’t that so God to use both of our ‘songs of the season’ to do it? As we declared that the land be restored, that the body of Christ in Japan and Asia arise in a new way….. that the ‘dry bones live’— heaven responded with a resounding “yes” through a couple of atmosphere shifting worship songs.

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