Volunteering for disaster relief in Nepal

This piece was born out of a Facebook discussion with other MatadorU students following the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. One of the faculty saw our thread and felt my contribution to the conversation was worth taking to the next step. The moral of the story is two fold:

  1. Don’t be afraid to share what you know. You never know who or how much it will help. The knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years isn’t just for you- it’s for advancing the greater good.
  2. You never know where an opportunity will pop up from. You also never know who is watching from a distance nor do you know when or how something you do will catch their eye and result in an invitation to take things to the next place.

To see my handy guide of things to know before volunteering for disaster relief  and humanitarian aid work in Nepal and around the world 10 Things You Need Before Volunteering For Disaster In Nepal on Matador Network, click here.

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